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new icon by floraye

coded by vantabIack

A Cute Gurl



Thinking about making an adoptable called "Duce the Snake Bitch" 

15 deviants said imma have to see it to believe it
1 deviant said no



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Art Feature B-Baka!! (3 spots left)

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 19, 2017, 2:34 PM


Kay so I'm gunna embarrass myself with an art feature!! Hurray, It's not like I'll look at this in two years and die from severe second hand embarrassment or anything!!

I'm not even a super weeb like I used to be, I just wanted to do this cos reasons


The first 10 or so people to comment will be featured. I'll choose max 3 images I like the most from your recent gallery. You can create an art feature journal if you want but I don't really care

So here's how this is gunna work: I'll choose the honorific I think best describes your art/ personality/ style/ whatever and then I'll write a little blurb about why I think that.

Weeb Honorifics:

  • Sansamakunchan- super respect and nice looking 
  • Desu- you are the most desu 

  • Sensei- master of everything
  • Waifu/Husbando- not real 
  • Miso Ramen- A good bowl of ramen
  • Daiyokai- so good you cannot be human. Satan, maybe? 

  • Hokage- just naruto

So this was the most obnoxiously anime skin I could find. Definitely fits my page theme 100% no clashing in the least. 
And might I just say that I am very disappoint in dA's skin community. There wasn't a single Cory in the House skin and I searched specifically for ANIME skins!!!


goooorrllll by roadkillboy i cant draw snouts by roadkillboy sticky notes! by roadkillboy


So your style is really cute and colorful while being a little trippy at times. A lot of the characters you draw look so friendly and happy!! and it helps that your technique calls for tons of soft, rounder edges. Overall your gallery is really pleasant to look at! and you are very pleasant as well ∩(︶▽︶)∩


Lars - Trade by Okallu A Grumpy bag of Lays by Okallu my girl Panty by Okallu

After a long deliberation, you are decidedly 

Miso Ramen 

 soooooo I'm rationalizing this by saying you're quite varied?? and ramen has a lot of different ingredients and topping and stuff lol. Even though you draw your ocs a lot and just fallout stuff in general, you also have a really cute Miku picture and this one of Panty and other random fanart and that makes you a mighty tasty bowl of ramen. ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ and a sort of side note, you're very good at character design!! 


youre so cute by Labyrinth77 out of old belief by Labyrinth77 regurgitation by Labyrinth77

Sorry!! ahaa we don't know each other super well but you're my 


a fair amount of your work focuses on the surreal, dreamy/nightmarish, strange, and disturbing. and all of the incredibly sharp edges add to the strangeness. I don't know what else to say other than I adore your style for its uniqueness and intrigue. Needs more anime tiddies tho :/


Kiwi UwU by rixael day 8: in traditional clothes from their country by rixael day 4: wearing pajamas by rixael


I wanted to pick Hokage for you cos of your undying love of narudo but I also noticed you seem to be a meme loving fuck that frequently uploads pics of Markiplier. But for your more 'normal' work, they're quite silly and cute!! They have exaggerated expressions, fluffy hair and they are very desu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Cutey Claycia by Metanaito-kyou Lunna by Metanaito-kyou Ayra by Metanaito-kyou

Miso Ramen

Even though you feature many kirby related fanart, they're broken up by a seemingly even amount of other fanart, contest entries, etc. and a varied style is apparently key to becoming a rather tasty bowl of ramen. Your style is very pastely, cute and a little naive ɾ⚈▿⚈ɹ


badtaste.png by pfaffenhut Gust of wind by pfaffenhut Sick Skin by pfaffenhut


Can I just say it was very difficult trying to pick only 3 to feature!! I just wanted to copy/paste your whole gallery!! I really love your coloring style and your linework! You draw bodies super realistically and your very strong conceptually. Soo yeah, I admire your work a whole lotand I still can't get over my commission

Oscar Mike - Helmetless by DodgeStreaker An Intimate of Devils by DodgeStreaker .::Warframe - Vasii (Half Helmet) by DodgeStreaker


So I really liked your chibi style. They were all so cute! And you're personally really cool and also basically a veteran on this site like geez someone should put you in a home : p. Okay so your style used to be mostly chibis but you're now getting into more realistic style bodies and I love that! I'm here for the naked dude bods :thumb:୧(๑•̀ᗝ•́)૭

Will I ever fix the formatting? No, no I will not


okay can one of my german peoples translate this for me? "Ich bin hui du bist buh du bist schubi ich bin du" The rest of the song's pretty easy, I just don't get the title too much. 
idk relistening to old german bands frrom middle school makes me want to learn german :v


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